The Pharmaceutical Group of the European Union (PGEU) has appointed Ms Ilaria Passarani as its new Secretary General.

Ms Passarani was appointed by the PGEU General Assembly on 19th December and will be responsible for providing strategic direction and leadership of the PGEU. Ms Passarani, from Italy, is currently leading the food and health department at the European Consumer Organisation (BEUC) and is a member of the management board of the European Medicines Agency.

Commenting on her new appointment Ilaria said: “I'm greatly honoured to have
been appointed as PGEU Secretary General. Pharmacists play a vital role in the healthcare system by ensuring access to high quality healthcare, protecting patients’ safety, improving health outcomes and contributing to public health. I look forward to working with PGEU members and staff to advance the pharmacy profession and community pharmacy practice to meet patients’ needs.”

In addition to strategic direction, the Secretary General is responsible for representing the community pharmacy sector in various European and national fora and managing the day to day operations of the PGEU.

Congratulating her on the post Rajesh Patel MBE, President of the PGEU, said: “I am very happy that Ms Passarani has agreed to take on the position as our new Secretary General. She has a solid track record of more than 13 years public health advocacy in Brussels and is a natural leader with a strong ethical compass. Alongside the outstanding team, we anticipate that the PGEU will continue to be the key voice for Community Pharmacy in Brussels under Ms Passarani’s leadership.’

Ms Passarani replaces Ms Jūratė Švarcaitė and is expected to take up her post on 19th March 2018